Plasti Dip - Obsidian Black Pearl Aerosol

Obsidian Black Pearl Aerosol

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Plasti Dip Obsidian Black Pearl Aerosol:

- Dip Pearl Aerosols must be sprayed over a base of Plasti Dip®.

- The color of your base will affect the final finish and color outcome. Product images shown have a Black base.

- 4 wet coats is standard; the more coats applied, the more opaque the effect.

- 3 cans typically needed per set of 4 standard wheels (up to 21").

 - Finish is satin by default, final coats of Plasti Dip Glossifier can be applied to increase gloss if desired.

- For best results, apply Plasti Dip DipCoat™ Protective Spray to wheels after drying is complete.


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